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What is a Coach?

While some people might think a coach is some one who inspires you and motivates you, or someone who guides you or teaches you what you need to do.Some of these are great elements of coaching, you can just as easily get inspiration from you friends or instagram and your social media feel good junkies! So when you really get down to the juicy core of what it really is and what it would be that you look for in a coach, they need to be able to ad value to your life in order to enable you to take that step to invest in yourself. I want to redefine what Coaching means to you and to everyone, and to me a Coach is someone who helps you overcome the fear so you can create the life you want. When you think about it, and think about something that might be holding you back or someone you know back or something that someone might want in any area of their lives, there is a good chance that what's holding them back from having it is really fear. Here are a few examples that you may have felt or possibly still do, or maybe you can think of someone in your life that may be experiencing these instead. - Wanting to find your Soul Mate. You may have fears of not being loveable or not being pretty enough or what if they find out about my quirky habit and think I'm a freak or what if they see my scars and leave. There's no one out there, all the good ones are taken.... right! Here's another one; - I want to launch my own product line or brand. Then the fears come up... no one will pay for what I love, there is already so many other people doing what I am doing, what makes mine special... I suck! So any time we get excited about what we want you may notice that pretty quickly soon after fear comes walking around the corner to say, hey... remember me! It gets in our way right! Its like that annoyingly slow person walking in front of you that you just cant get around... and its often the point were a lot of us get frustrated and just stop. What do you do when you cant transform your own thoughts and fears that are holding you back, you invest in someone who shows you your ability to do so. A Coach will help transform those fears into truths. Now that may sound funny at first but when you think about a fear, its becuase its unknown, its made up in our heads, something that may not have actually happened so when we make it a truth, then we are able to shift and transform the way we deal with it. Take out the trash, recylce it and put it to good use as a motivator or become a minimilaist in hoarding fears for your future versions of yourself. Fear is the number one problem we all have. When we pause or dont go for it, it's like that pause before you jump off the rocks into the river. I destintly remember a time back in my home town up the Lee Valley, where it took me 30-40 mins to jump off a high rock into the river. One that thousands of people had done before, and little 6 year olds were running past me to do it again. Eventully I jumped, and realised that the more you do it the more you are turning that fear into a truth. Did you get hurt or die... did the rush feel good, did you emerge from the water.. when we take away the fear and replace it with more truths we get to move through the fears that stop us and march on in life.

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