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I’ve been a Coaching Bad-Ass since 2018, helping my clients all over the world achieve their personal and health goals. The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life so that you can overcome them with confidence. I specialize in creating personalized plans and providing tools to guide you forward and achieve your desired goals.

Let me share more of myself with you and share parts of my journey so far...

Some of you may be curious to know - why did you call yourself "The Naked Coach"  Let me share a little bit more to help paint the picture a little clearer...

When I was 22, I thought I had things figured out. I was in love, married and ready to see where life was going to take me. In my eyes, I had cracked it. It was all coming together - little did I know just how much that was all going to change. 3 months into married life, I found myself questioning all the decisions that had led me to this point in my life. Who was I? What did I genuinely want out of life? And why did I feel so unhappy in a life that I had created for myself? I was genuinely lost and had no idea how to get through it. I left. I chose myself and also my husband, I chose that both of us deserve a happy life. I didn’t know at the time when I left my husband why I couldn’t stay and work on it, I just knew that it wasn’t my path and I needed to be true to myself. When I look back now, I know that my intuition was so loud, but I just hadn’t tapped fully into it.

A year later and I was working in the mining industry in Australia. A few years in I found myself surrounded by men and woman threatened by what felt like my confidence and can-do attitude. My ego was rampant. I would try to prove all men wrong or stand out in a way that defined whom I thought I was. The people-pleaser in full force. I struggled to connect with women on a deeper level and often would harden into my masculine that made it unattractive for women to want to be friends with me.

I was a wild child in Australia, I would party and go on adventures on a spontaneous whim. Drugs and Alcohol played a significant role in my life for a while. I was never addicted to them, but I was addicted to escaping my realities instead of facing them. Towards the end of my mining career, I actually had a few scary calls with my heart and was told by Doctors I had SVT (super ventricular tachycardia). I had just had surgery for breast augmentation months earlier and my ego was telling me there is no way that I would get my chest cut open to allow the doctors to fix my heart so I chose to veer down a path of healthier alternatives. I know that our ego gets a bad rap sometimes, but I am so grateful that side of me directed the next steps of my life. A radical change that set a series of life-changing events in motion.

Throughout my mining career, I experienced redundancies and workplace conflicts, but the hardest punches to roll with were when I got fired! They stung like a BITCH! Someone once told me that if a situation keeps happening, its more than likely not the environment you’re in but just yourself - that you need to look deeper into the circumstances to find the common denominator behind them. Yep, you guessed it, that common denominator was the one and only ME! I began questioning who I really was vs whom I was showing up as. I realised I couldn’t keep living this way, hiding the scared little girl in me. I leaned into personal development and found that it went hand in hand with my health journey. They complimented each other and my life in a way that I had never experienced before, and I was flourishing. Don’t get me wrong, I still had things going wrong in my life and I was rubbing people up the wrong way with whom I was becoming. I learned where my voice was for the naked truth in my life. I was able to look at things more transparently, learn from them and more importantly, recognise when it was my own shit and when it wasn’t. I learnt not to take other people’s bullshit on as my own, and I was able to walk away from all kinds of relationships in my life that were no longer good for my health without a bat of an eyelid, and it felt so damn good.

I had become a different kind of a rebel in my own life, not as consumed by my ego, but more fueled by my passion for living a life of my personal choice, and that felt good for me. I was now a rebel with a cause, I still am today - rebelling against social norms, bullshit belief systems and the conditioning of a society that clearly wasn’t for the better of individual personalities, but I was learning and growing stronger in showing up as myself. Doing what felt right, what fit on me - FUCK what anyone else thought!

When my mining career came to an uncomfortable close, I moved back home to New Zealand. I had this fire burning inside me to help people with their health, their mindset, their goals. I wanted to help people that had been stuck like I was. That wanted to make a change but were looking for that place to get started. I wanted to be that light for other people. I got involved with a network marketing company that sold life-changing nutritional products, and I was fully charged and wanted to help people all over the world, and I saw this company as a great vehicle. Like all MLM companies, they require hard work, and with an excellent model structure, they can be a great avenue to help bring solutions to people who need them, while creating more freedom for yourself and your family, financially and time-wise. BUT, it just never sat with me as what I was called to do. It wasn’t the model, it wasn’t the company - I have so many close friends who are involved with the same company I was, and many others who are linked with other brands and they love it. They are successful, and they worked their butts off to get where they are today, but it just wasn’t for me. It wasn’t my purpose. It wasn’t the message that I knew I needed to share with the world, and it wasn’t the vehicle for me to continue with…

I struggled mentally with moving back home after living in Australia and travelling to amazing places. I had no idea what I was going to do, and I was still toying with how I could make my MLM business work. My brother connected me with a company where I landed a Project Manager role (while I was at an MLM event), and I knew that it was a sign to push me in a different direction. I dedicated time to shifting this business out of some terrible places with horrible clients & bad contractors. Construction came naturally to me, I have been surrounded by it most my life, my grandfathers, father and older sister are all builders, and my brother is a painter. I became a boss-ass bitch that people listened to (eventually). It didn’t matter if people liked me or not. I knew what I knew, and it was a hell of a lot more than most in that field.

Again, I rubbed people the wrong way, but I didn’t let that stop me. I knew what I knew and where I could take this business to. I earned respect the more people got to know me and my knowledge, but I would demand it from those who still pushed back against me. Did I like whom I had become? Not really? Was I happy? Kind of… I realised again that my ego and the ‘people pleaser’ in me were having a fantastic game of tennis. I was riddled with anxiety one moment, victim mode or angry woman the next. I enjoyed working in construction, but things were still never complete for me – it was like I was walking around knowing something was missing but I couldn’t figure out what it was. While it came naturally and easily to me, it just never felt like I was fulfilling my dreams.

I remember seeing a post on Facebook from a woman I met through the MLM company and she was doing a life coach certification. I chatted with her as it sparked curiosity and excitement in me. Soon, I found myself enrolling in a diploma for Life Coaching. I wanted to take the skills and not only apply them to my life but, be able to follow my passion for helping other people. I had found it! I had finally realised what my calling was and what made me so happy inside! COACHING!

But it wasn’t all roses and champagne. I shortly found myself not enjoying it as much as I had believed I would. I punished myself for not being able to follow through on something yet again. I flunked and then paid more to re-enrol only to drop all interest 2 months later. I felt like a complete failure. I quit and just kept myself busy with construction. 15 months later, I had still been getting nudges. I had been confusing them with my ego and embarrassment of failing yet again, but I remember googling life coaching to see what else was out there. After a few weeks, I found it! I found what I had been looking for all along. I didn’t realise that it wasn’t that I was a failure and not destined to be a coach, it was that I just wasn’t aligned with how I wanted to coach and what I truly believed in! I found an institute that my whole being said FUCK YES to and I dove headfirst into it.

I look back now on my journey to my certifications and remember thinking as every week’s modules got released to us, holy fuck how does this just keep getting better!! I indeed had found my tribe, my calling, my home. I was on my way to being a Certified Life and Health Coach. Mastering the art of Habit Change and Transformational Coaching.

Smashing through my certification, I was bursting with all these ideas and desires on where to lead myself, but I still felt a sense of those lingering thoughts. Who was I, and what did I want out of my life? Why hadn’t I got there yet? (because we have a place to get to... yeah right!) Asking myself these questions over the following months, I was utterly vulnerable. I stripped myself of everything I’d known or any bullshit excuse I’d ever made for myself - and fuck it felt good to be that naked.

If I could do this for myself, why not help others? Why not let other women feel empowered? Let them know that it’s okay to not have all your shit together all the time. Fall down, fall apart, fall sideways. Who cares! Just get back up, brush yourself off, straighten that crown and get back out there. In a society so afraid to admit failure, I wanted to help more woman realise that you can try shit and fail and try again and fail again and that’s okay! You’re still doing better than those who aren’t or those so willingly judging you for being different just because you’re driven or have goals or want more out of your life. We only live this life once so why the fuck do we not push the boundaries more?!

So, after all of this, how did I realise coaching was my true calling?

There was this feeling, I now call it intuition (that’s where you can feel it in your gut) and coupled with the fact that I’d started doing the work on myself and shifting through, I began to see the same consistent patterns in other women. The conversation always went to the negative or downright draining, they didn’t know how to accept compliments, and more often than not, there was always some significant amount of drama going on in their life that had to be shared – not to get other opinions or angles, but to seek validation that their opinion in this situation was right or valid. I slowly realized in these moments that I was adding value to other people’s life by giving advice, but I wasn’t really getting through on a deeper level – a level that I felt actually had meaning. People that really want change look for ways to make that change permanent and are ready to commit, rather than liking the idea of change, never doing it and then constantly dwelling on what they should be doing but aren't – myself included!

But why did this mentality exist? Was it society trying to tell us how we should be? Was it this god damn world of influencers sharing their highlight reels with us and suddenly making us feel inadequate because we weren’t going to the gym or doing hot yoga, or juggling 3 kids without having a cry in the kitchen, or eating kale, spinach, vegan, chai latte or smoothie every day before work? I wanted to help women through this. I had to shake them out of that mentality of victimhood. Shake them out of rinsing and repeating their life. Make them see that there is better out there, and they can be better - they just don’t know how to.

So why me? Why was I the one to help these woman? What was so bloody special about me that made me think I was there answer? I love being a rebel. Tell me I can’t do something a certain way? Watch me do it just to prove that anything is possible. Anyone, when they set their mind to it is powerful beyond measure. I’ll show you that I can do it my fucking way and be my own version of success. I love to lead the way to show to other women out there that you don’t have to follow the norms or do shit how everyone else does it. Stop trying to fit the mould and design your own. Fuck it!

In a nutshell, I am a Rebel, and I now have a cause!

The things that have happened in my life didn’t happen to me, they happened for me. They do not define who I am as a person, but they make me stronger and they have built the foundations for the woman I am today.

In this life, we have become so burdened with other people’s beliefs, ideals, standards, values, and social norms that we actually feel so utterly lost and confused. So fucking unsatisfied in our life because we don’t truly feel ourselves. The Naked Coach was brought to life in me to help guide people, as I have myself. To strip back all these layers that don’t belong to us, strip back bare naked and move forward in life in a way that feels just right for you. Your own beliefs, your own values, your own standards.

This is how The NAKED Coach was born and I’m so excited to be on this journey with you.

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